Member Types & Privileges

Member Privileges

  1. To be present and vote at all meetings of the General Body
  2. To be invited to all the conferences and other events organized by the Forum and participate in the same at concessional fee required to be paid for the purpose.
  3. Discounts and concessions to other events organised by INFORMER and other events where INFORMER is a partner
  4. To propose candidates for membership to the Executive Board
  5. To receive gratis copies of the publications of the Forum
  6. To propose any life member for various positions in the Governing Council 
  7. To contest election for any post in the Governing Council of the Forum
  8. Become a Friend of QMed Knowledge Foundation


Types of Membership

1.    Life members.

Any student who has been admitted to MBBS/BDS course could become a life member. The application is to be made on a prescribed membership form available here . The application would be considered by the Governing Council which shall have the power to reject application. Life membership fee is Rs. 1000/- 

2.    Senior members. 

This category is open only to life members.  All life members will automatically become senior members on completion of their MBBS course. They would cease to be senior members on completion of 3 years after graduation. 
Senior members would have all privileges of a life member except that they cannot contest for the posts of office bearers i.e. President or Vice Presidents; however they can become members of the Governing Council. Senior members may be allowed to continue as past members even beyond the three year period if they wish. However this membership would solely be based on the member’s participation in the matters of the Forum and his activity as a life or a senior member. Such an award shall be made on application by the member on the prescribed form which must be proposed and seconded by at least three other members, preferably past members.

3.     Foreign Members

Foreign nationals or Indians on resident visa residing outside India (Non Resident Indians) could become a foreign member on one time payment of $100/- each provided he makes an application to the Governing Council in a prescribed manner and is admitted as a member by Governing Council. He will have all privileges of a life member, but cannot contest elections for various positions in the council.  

4.    Patron members

Any person of any nationality who, in the opinion of the Governing Council has rendered distinguished services or done outstanding work to promote the objectives of the Forum may be invited by the Governing Council, after his nomination has been ratified by the general body to become a patron member of the Society without any payment.  A patron member will have the right to attend the meetings of the Society but shall have no right to vote or contest in an election to the council’s positions.


Apply for a membership here.