‘Blood Borne’

Post Internship period: The proceedings of a very eventful(err.. uneventful) year have made me re-explore and  redefine my distant grandparents, uncles, aunts(in italics,bold and underlined), cousins-first, second, third.... the list goes on. Unfortunately, vice versa too. The members of my pedigree chart have attributes shared by generations alike. We fondly call them 'Relatives'. The lock,stock and barrel of this group are:

  • Unaware of your existence when you are busy but never fail to miss you 'terribly' at every unattended function when you are jobless.
  • More concerned with the 'what next' of your life than parents themselves.
  • ATMs which tender your horoscopes.
  • Match every guy/girl of marriageable age to you.
  • Wear a watch of your biological clock.
  • Never miss an opportunity to inform us the moolah/foreign trips their engineer kids make. Every word dipped in modesty of course.
  • Give unprecedented advice on your career(though an 'eye doctor' to them makes more sense than an 'ophthalmologist').
  • Take pride for having warned you about the hardships of medical profession way back in twelfth grade.
  • Remember you after visiting a 'specialist'.. only to verify the diagnosis/medication prescribed.

Needless to say,they will be the first ones to congratulate you at every successful step... followed by the age-old line"we knew it all the way" .Relatives - You can't love them, you can't hate them!                                                                                                              


Dr. Chandrika S Bhat

i Note: We're proud to say that Chandrika escaped from this year with both her sanity and sense of humour intact and is now on her way to becoming a sucessful paediatrician at Grant Medical College,Mumbai. Along with the hordes of relatives, we'd like to congratulate her for her achievement :) .