Behind the Scenes: Medicon 2011

We asked the organizers of Medicon 2011 for photos behind the scenes photos for the iSpy Column. This column is a result of  incessant pestering, badgering and threatening (for lack of stronger verbs to describe what we did to get these photos from them).

The organizers are leaving no stone unturned, trying to make your stay at Mumbai during the conference a memorable one. Please forgive the short commentaries, they had limited time....Catch up with them at the conference and tell us how you think they fared.

We wish the team all the best for Medicon 2011 - May the force be with them!

Child is the father of Man: CAKE!!.. Lets have that first.. The conference will happen!

From the left :Munjal Shah,Smriti, Abhilasha Sinha, Asmita Patne, Mrinal Matish
Work while eating :-)

Waiting for approvals

from L to R...Pradnya, Abhimanyu,Rudrapan and Ayush K


Abhimanyu and Rudrapan on Comp!
Abhimanyu with their first sponsorship cheque and a helping hand to share the moment ;)
Abhilasha S and Rudrapan
Discuss, debate, deliberate..

In the common room: Place for discussions!

Shadab R, Rudrapan, Akash Shakya, Ameeta, Abhimanyu

The bare necessities - bucket-shopping in Crawford

Food for thought

Rudrapan, Mrinal Matish

Akash Shakya, Smriti
This time its Chocolate!.. My favorite!

Paradoxical emotions

Pradnya on left, Mrinal Matish

The umpteen meetings which go into making a conference- this was one of many.

Smriti is probably saying: Bas!!!, Enough of talk talk, now do some work!!

Abhimanyu, Smriti, Asmita

Our "bengali" designer at work - from designing posters to the certificates, Rudrapan was on the job
Pradnya and Abhi
Yes there were some jaw-dropping situations, and some which left our organizers simply speechless - read more about these in the next edition of our newsletter
One of the most important components of the conference - the delegate kit. They inspire madness - infact wars have been fought over these humble bags in conferences!
In order to put together the perfect kit, our organizers combed through the Mumbai bazaars getting quotes, bargaining...bargaining some more, testing the goods and striking business deals which would put MBA grads to shame 

The team

1.Asmita Patne  2.Labdhy 3.Rudrapan, 4.Smriti 5.Shadab R  6.Udit Dalmia, 7.Dr Alka Deshpande, 8.Munjal Shah 9.Dr MG Deo 10.Tejas Nikumbh 11.Abhimanyu Singh 12.Pradnya, 13.Ayush Kulshetra 14.Mrinal Matish, 15.Ameeta Karmarkar

PS: A big thank you to our informant, Pradyna Shinde for capturing these moments for us.